YWLA Students Attend Equine Opportunity Program At Jamaica Bay Riding Academy

Studies have shown that horseback riding improves children’s cognitive abilities and provides therapeutic value.  This past Saturday, Arissa Edwards and Tia Timmerman, two students from our Young Women’s Leadership Academy, attended the Equine Opportunity Program hosted by Metropolitan Equestrian Team (MET) at the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy.  They were accompanied by our Founder/President, Cloyette Harris-Stoute. The EOP was created by MET’s Founder and Executive Director, Ms. Jane DaCosta, to expose more children in NYC to equestrian sport.

MET provides young aspiring New York athletes with the opportunity to participate in horseback riding as part of the MET Team. During practices, students learn horsemanship, sportsmanship, and agricultural skills. MET also supports its students’ college preparation through education programs, access to representatives from colleges and universities, and scholarship opportunities.

A total of eight (8) students from around New York City took part in the 2 hour program and learned about grooming, feeding, and caring for the horses.   Participants also enjoy a relaxing trail ride through over 400 acres of beach and trails throughout Jamaica Bay Riding Academy Preserves.

Jamaica Bay Riding Academy is a family-owned equestrian facility that offers some of the best horseback riding on the east coast. Located in the Gateway National Wildlife Preserve the facility offers a vast variety of guided instructional rides, horseback riding lessons, horse leasing, horse shows, summer camps, therapeutic riding, hunter paces, and more.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. DaCosta, who is of Guyanese heritage and  grew up participating in equestrian sports,  for creating the Equine Opportunity Program and for paying it forward to NYC Youths.

For more information about the Metropolitan Equestrian Program (MET) and the Equine Opportunity Program (EOP) visit www.metropolitanequestrianteam.org

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