Named Scholarships

In addition to our general scholarship fund, donors are now able to create Named Scholarships,
established in honor, name or memory of an individual, group, organization or business. (i.e.
The Bill Smith Family Award). Named scholarships can be funded once or annually. These are
tax-deductible donations.

Minimum $500

Create Your Own Named Award

  • Create an award in your family’s name, business name or a name of your choice
  • Create an award in honor of a family member, friend or associate

Programs and Initatives

The Young Women’s Leadership Fund (YWLF) Scholarship – Guyana: The Guyanese Girls Rock
Foundation, Young Women’s Leadership Fund aims to empower these young women to achieve
their academic and leadership potential without the weight of financial constraints. Scholarships
are available to female high school graduates from Region Four, who have gained acceptance
to attend the University of Guyana.

The Young Women Leadership Academy (YWLA) Program – USA: The Guyanese Girls Rock
Foundation, Young Women Leadership Academy (YWLA), is committed to fostering the growth
of young female leaders within the Guyanese communities in the New York Metro Area.
Scholarships are available to 12 grade YWLA participants who have gained acceptance into an
accredited college or university.

Please Donate by Completing the Named Scholarship Form