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An Expression of Self-Love through Dancing

This past weekend the young women in YWLA celebrated International Women’s Day by learning the art of belly dancing with a special interactive lesson from our very own Dr. Kyomi Gregory.

Belly dancing is a powerful way for women to embrace their femininity, gain self-esteem, be energized, and heal their mind and spirit. It is said that the origins of belly dancing came from tribal rituals that would strengthen the muscles of a pregnant woman’s abdomen to prepare her to give birth.

Dr. Gregory’s specialized lesson consisted of teaching the girls a popular belly dance routine. Together, the girls learned the key to belly dancing, which is isolated movements, or moving only one part of your body at a time in a line. The control of movement is both a discipline and a challenge that can result in a full-body, mind, and spirit workout!

By Melinda Ramhit

Melinda Ramhit was born in Queens, NY to Guyanese parents. She is a graduate of SUNY Rockland Community College (A.A. - Math and Science); University of Delaware (B.S. - Health Studies and minor - Public Health); and New York Medical College (M.P.H. - Epidemiology). She is currently an Analyst for the business arm of Greater New York Hospital Association, where she completes analytics to source hospitals all around the country. In her spare time, Melinda loves to do photography, hiking, dancing (to soca - of course!) and reading. She is a member of Vitfriends - a vitiligo support group, where she also mentors individuals, like herself, who has the skin condition.

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