A Day of Health and Wealth Awareness

Health and Wealth are two of the most important keys to life and our young women recently learned some essential lessons on these very important topics.  Through a series of workshops students engaged in discussions on wealth building and embracing healthier food choices and resources in their communities, which leads to better focus, higher education opportunities, and financial stability.


Ms. Melinda Ramhit, our very own YWLA volunteer, led a workshop on health equity;  the idea that every individual in a community has an equal opportunity to live a long, healthy life. The lesson covered the key barriers to health equity in the United States. She challenged the girls to think outside of the box about the barriers they currently face that do not allow them to practice healthy eating and exercising habits. Ms. Ramhit also explained how to assess different communities for beneficial tools to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as proximity to grocery stores, clean sidewalks, and clean air.

Ms. Donnley Edward, the founder of Exporing Mind Creating Dreams, Inc., offered students tips on simple saving techniques.  EMCD, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization promotes career development by merging reading with the arts and money management. This helps to bridge the educational and financial literacy gap while preparing children for high school, college and future successes as they strive to reach their full potential through academics excellent. Ms. Edwards share tools on how to become financially savvy such as opening a bank account, making financial goal checklists, budgeting, and even provided advice on how to attend college and graduate with minimal student loan debt.

These lessons were a great follow-up to our recent Health Challenge.  During the entire month of April, YWLA student participated in a 30-day step challenge to exemplify how intentionally participating in a healthy activity for a long period of time can lead to good health. Our top 3 winners of the challenge (Tai Abrahams, Isabella Ramjit and Arissa Edwards all shared the different healthy habits that they engaged in during the month that led to their winning scores.  The most common healthy habit was doing more walking to and from school.  As a reward for their efforts, the top 3 winners received Amazon gift cards.

Congratulations to all of our girls on completing the challenge!




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