Thank You: A Message of Gratitude from Our Founder/President

On July 8, in the presence of the families and friends of our students, members of our community, and with the assistance of a few of our alumni, we joyously commemorated the graduation of cohort 6 from our Young Women’s Leadership Academy during our 2023 Graduation and Scholarship Fundraising Luncheon. Additionally, we awarded scholarships to three of our accomplished seniors who are heading to college.

To our graduates: Your exceptional dedication and enthusiastic embrace of this remarkable opportunity have propelled you to become shining examples of future leaders. To our scholarship recipients: Your incredible promise and potential have been clearly demonstrated. Your passion, talent, and determination have rightfully earned you this well-deserved recognition. As an organization, we are both humbled and honored to have played a role in your educational journey.

In establishing the Guyanese Girl Rock Foundation, Young Women’s Leadership Academy, I envisioned a meaningful space to inspire high school girls of Guyanese heritage and nurture them into becoming the next generation of female leaders in our community. At YWLA, our primary goal is to motivate these girls to shift their mindsets, helping them develop their inner strengths and find their unique voices. Through various empowering programs and mentorship, we equip these young women with the necessary tools and confidence to step into leadership roles and make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.

For some of these girls, YWLA provides an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. For others, it becomes a safe haven where they can feel a strong sense of belonging and support. Personally, this journey is my passion and purpose because I once was that girl who struggled with a serious case of bravery deficit and lacked self-assurance in my leadership abilities. It’s this personal experience that drives my unwavering dedication to empowering the next generation of Guyanese girls, helping them overcome obstacles and embrace their full potential.

Today, I extend an invitation to the Guyanese Community, especially the women, to stand alongside me, our board members, and volunteers to ensure that Guyanese girls continue to rise as brave, accomplished, and influential leaders both within our homeland and on the global stage. Together, we can proudly showcase why Guyanese Girls Rock!

On behalf of our board, program director, and students we extend our warmest gratitude to Mrs. Jennifer Rampersaud for her invaluable contribution as the keynote speaker and Ms. Tracey Kahn, our talented MC. Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, and continues to support our mission. Special thanks to New York City Council Speaker, Adrienne Adams and New York City Council Member, Natasha Williams for providing our scholarship recipients with citations.

Until next time, Cloyette Harris-Stoute. 💜💚💜

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