How Metropolitan Equestrian Team is Providing New York City Kids with Horseback Riding Opportunities

Equestrianism is a sport for both sexes but for the last few decades, there has been an upward trend of more females participating in the sport. However many girls, especially those from the inner cities,  do not have the means or access to facilities that provide opportunities for equestrian sport.  Recently, Ms. Jane DaCosta, Founder & Executive Director  Metropolitan Equestrian Team,  stopped by our classroom and shared with our students how her organization is helping students to overcome this barrier. … read more

Award-Winning Guyanese Author Natasha Deen Gifted Copies of Her New Book

A special thank you to writer Natasha Deen author of the upcoming young adult novel “In the Key of Nira Ghani” for her generous donation of 12 advanced copies her book to our students.   The novel is about a Guyanese immigrant who wants to grow up to be a jazz musician, but her parents want her to be a doctor or a lawyer. Book Narrative: Nira has always dreamed of becoming a musician. Her Guyanese parents, however, have big plans … read more

An Expression of Self-Love through Dancing

This past weekend the young women in YWLA celebrated International Women’s Day by learning the art of belly dancing with a special interactive lesson from our very own Dr. Kyomi Gregory. Belly dancing is a powerful way for women to embrace their femininity, gain self-esteem, be energized, and heal their mind and spirit. It is said that the origins of belly dancing came from tribal rituals that would strengthen the muscles of a pregnant woman’s abdomen to prepare her to … read more

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