Food of your Soul: “Cleopatra Herself In All Her Glory” by Guyanese Poet, Maggie Harris

Cleopatra herself in all her glory couldn’t look as good I did done up in all my finery for an assignation with you. Maybe I was in denial but there’s something about an affair that apart from feeling horny makes you Queen-like and so beautiful you love yourself just looking. The noise your skin makes shining drowns out the crickets rivals the fireflies goes out into the world singing like a pissed fly and if coconuts fell on your head … read more

She Rocks! Maggie Harris – 2014 Commonwealth Prize Winner for the Caribbean

Author Maggie Harris is the Commonwealth 2014 Short Story Prize regional winner for her story Sending for Chantal. Born in Guyana, Maggie migrated to the UK in 1971. She holds a BA & MA from the Kent University and is a former creative writing tutor and lecturer in schools and at the University of Southampton. A poet and prose writer, Maggie won the Guyana Prize for Literature in 2000 for her poetry collection, Limbolands (1999). Other collections include From Berbice … read more

She Rocks! Grace Nichols – Award Winning Guyanese Poet

Grace Nichols is a Guyanese poet.  She was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1950, the fifth of seven children. She was raised in the village of Highdam and attended the school where her father worked as headmaster and her mother taught piano lessons. At age eight she moved with her family to Georgetown, and at age sixteen she left high school with the hope of becoming a teacher. Earning a degree in communications at the University of Guyana, Nichols worked as … read more

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