She Rocks! Beverley Drake, Guyana’s First Female Commercial and Army Pilot

In a once unthinkable career for women, aviation in modern times has seen a multitude of females excelling in the field. One such example is US-based Guyanese (Captain) Beverley Drake, who knocked down the stereotype in her aviation career to prove that women can do a man’s job. Beverley, who grew up in Georgetown, in an interview with Guyana Times Sunday Magazine revealed that her father always wanted her to become a pilot, so he would take her to the … read more

She Rocks! Major Shawna Kimbrell – First Black Female US Air Force Fighter Pilot

Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell is a major in the United States Air Force, and the first female African-American fighter pilot in the Air Force history. She was born in Lafayette, Indiana on April 20, 1976, to Guyanese parents, Dr Norman Ng A Qui, and Eve Blackman Ng A Qui after they migrated to the US.  Their hard work and dedication paid off in her father earning a degree from Howard University and a doctorate from Purdue University. That focus on education was a big part … read more

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