It’s your life. Don’t let others control it!

Domestic Violence Awareness! When you allow yourself to be dominated by someone else, you begin to lose respect for yourself. You become silently enraged, both at …the person who is dominating you and at yourself for allowing the domination. Someone else is in control of your life, just as assuredly as if you were a slave obeying orders. Stop doing this to yourself!’ “Reflect on how much pain you’ve suffered, and remember your abuser’s broken promises. Consider the fear you … read more

Rafieya Husain is the First Guyanese in over 40 years to place at the Miss World Pageant

This past weekend the people of Guyana felt a sense of pride as Rafieya Aasieya Husain became the first Guyanese in over 40 years to place at the Miss World Pageant. The 22-year-old beauty queen, who is a native of Essequibo County, was one of the top 10 Finalists named at the Miss World competition finale held on Sunday at the Excel London ICC Auditorium. Rafieya also won the ‘Beauty With a Purpose Title’, which she shared with India, Kenya, … read more

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