GGR Etiquette Corner: Champagne Reception

I was told by a friend that she wanted to plan a small reception for her mother’s 80th birthday; she wanted something very elegant. A Champagne Reception is ideal for this type of event. It is also perfect for small weddings or any other function, where the intention is to host a top notch classy event that has a small guest list. You will need three types of champagne: ‘Dry’ or ‘Extra Dry’ for cocktails   If you are purchasing champagne … read more

GGR Etiquette Corner: Entertainment Pieces

Guyanese girls know that one of the best ways to preserve long term friendships is to get together over food. We do not need elaborate meals to do so; but we do need to know some basic etiquette rules. Our goal is to entertain simply, yet with style. (1) Brew your coffee …. it is in poor taste to serve guests instant coffee. If you do not have a lovely coffee pot, you can pour while in the kitchen, and … read more

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