Rocking the Bows: Young Entrepreneur – Jenell Pierre, CEO Bow Jay

Accessories Designer – Jenell Pierre

Jenell Pierre, is the CEO of Bow Jay,  a fashion accessories line, based in Georgetown, Guyana.  A 2011 graduate of St. Stanislaus, and former science major,  Jenell started out making bow as a  just as an ‘accidental’ hobby.  It quickly became apparent to Jenell that this teenage pastime was much more than that. As her designs caught the eyes of her family  and family, they wanted her to make pieces for them and offered to pay for her work.  Her hobby soon grew into a unique and compelling passion and  in August 2011, at the age of 17, Jenell founded Bow Jay, which specializes in bow ties, rings, hair and other accessories.


In an interview Teen Scene Guyana,  Jenell revealed that constant networking with the right people led her to join the Women’s Entrepreneurship Network (WENET), through Youth Challenge Guyana,  who equipped her with the knowledge and skills to run a successful business.

Hair Accessory by Jenell Pierre

Jenell has presented her designs locally at GuyExpo 2011, during several panel discussions through YCG, and Camp Girls Leading Our World (GLOW).  Her exquisite wearable art are all hand crafted and consists of a wide variety of  unisex bowties and hair accessories with equally cute names like Priscilla, Angela and Rebecca. Jenell is also a poet and singer and was a 2011 GTT Star Finalist.

Jenell’s  goal for the future is to have an established location to sell her products.  She currently sells out  She also hopes to expand her business to the Caribbean and the US.

Jenell’s advice to others is “If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, do something you love don’t ever get into anything unless you love it. When it becomes very challenging and difficult, your desire for what you love propels you to go forward.”

Jenell operates her business from home via her facebook fanpage,

She can also be contacted


Jenell Pierre – Priscella Hair Bow


Jenell Pierre – Bow Tie


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