The Perfect Fit: Sarah Bacchus – Fashion Designer, Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant

Sarah Bacchus, Fashion Designer

Sarah Bacchus is the founder, fashion designer, stylist and wardrobe consultant of the high fashion brand, 34-24-36.  Her  sophisticated clothing line revisits the old Hollywood glamor era, with a modern flair for today’s women. She believes in celebrating femininity and always looking the part, especially since she is in the business of Fashion.

Sarah realized her Fashion sense at an early age, in Guyana, where she was born and raised. She took her weekly allowance from her parents and bought fabrics to make dresses, skirts and blouses. Sewing outfits was the way of accumulating fashion and staple pieces. It was the only way she was taught to dress, fancy.  Her mother, a seamstress at the time, would cut the fabric, Sarah sews the pieces and voila: a beautiful outfit. Later, her entire family migrated to the United States and fashion design drifted out of reach, but only for a short while. Fate intervened, as Sarah later graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, earned her Fashion Design Degree, and obtained several jobs in the Fashion Industry, in New York City.  To her repertoire of fashion design profession, Sarah broadened her reach and began her own collection, 34-24-36.

34-24-36 encompasses styles that are fundamentally female, luxurious fabrics that provide comfort, colors that flatter the complexion and quality to withstand the elements having been worked on by artisans. The brand follows an age old philosophy of investing in quality, rather than quantity; a belief has been proven successful and satisfying many times before. The notion that only high-end designers make quality products, is a myth, because 34-24-36 is all of that and more, since the brand caters to your expensive taste, without breaking the bank. The collections are primarily made of the finest and most luxurious Italian and French fabrics.  The well constructed garments are made of natural fibers like silks, cottons and blends of hypoallergenic fibers.   Colors are based on the season’s forecast, while sizes are made to fit or available in generic sizes, S-L.  These fabrics are ‘season-less’ and can be worn year round, simply apply the right accessories of the current season and you’ve got a new outfit.

Since its launch in December 2010, 34-24-36 has been featured in Candy Plum Boutique, in Astoria New York, as well as, OZ Boutique in Forest Hills, New York and many other shopping spree extravaganzas and designer markets around New York.  Sarah’s designs have also been show during  New York Fashion Weeks.  With a range of clients globally, Bacchus has the competence and confidence of a team of experts at her side. She says that she’s proud to display the ‘Made in USA’ label on all her pieces.

Sarah Bacchus behind the Scenes

Sarah Bacchus behind the Scenes

Sarah can also give you the “Perfect Fit” through her unique custom design service.  Customer can browse the online catalog and place an order via telephone, email or have their pieces customized, either by adding or excluding parts of the design featured on the showcased product, or have their own designs created.  Sarah will communicate with the client, sketch and execute their designs and follow through until the customer is satisfied with her garment.

Sarah is also adept at balancing her business and family.  She ia recent second time mom of a six months old boy, Sydney and  also has a beautiful six year old daughter, Avangeline.  She is married to Neil A Bacchus, who is also her business partner.

For more information about 34-24-36, please visit the website at You may also contact Sarah directly at or call (718) 541-2096.  Connect with 34-24-36 via facebook >

Designs by Sarah Bacchus

Designs by Sarah Bacchus

Designs by Sarah Bacchus

Designs by Sarah Bacchus

Sarah Bacchus Design - Old Hollywood Glamor

Sarah Bacchus Design – Old Hollywood Glamor



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