She Rocks! Ingrid Berkeley-Brown is the Highest-Ranking Black Female Police Officer in Canada

When Ingrid Berkeley-Brown began her career in law enforcement 30 years ago,  she wanted to be the best that she could could be and leave above the rank of constable.   Today the Guyana-native has risen far above that rank   On January 29, she made history when she was promoted to Superintendent in Peel County, Ontario, making her the highest-ranking Black female police officer in Canada. Berkeley-Brown was one of only two Black female recruits in a class of about 300 at the Ontario Police College in 1986, and … read more

She Rocks! Shaunna Marto: Professional Chef/Caterer/Food Entrepreuneur

Toronto-based Caterer Shaunna Marto never thought she could have a career doing what she loves.  Trained in culinary arts, Shaunna founded Party’s By Shaunna in 2006; a full service catering and party business. Born in Georgetown, Guyana to a middle class family, Shaunna started cooking at the of 11; much to the horror of her parents who were concerned that she would hurt herself at the stove. They soon realize she had a talent for cooking and Shaunna has never … read more

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