She Rocks! Enna Morgan – International Model, Actress, Clothing Designer

Enna Morgan (aka: j.a. morgan) is an avid traveller with a passion for art, dance, language, and cultural thought. Beginning at an early age, she has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean and South America, then later in North America, Europe and Asia. While residing in various countries, she spent many years researching cultural thought and language, concurrent with maintaining her finger on the pulse of dance, design, literature, and photography. Years after migrating to the USA from Guyana, Enna settled upon … read more

She Rocks the Competition! Melabeu Cheriece – Multitalented Bikini Bodybuilding Competitor

Meet Melabeu Cheriece,  Professional Model, Actress & Bikini Bodybuilding Competitor.  She’s the daughter of Guyanese author and Beterverwagting native, Adrianna Rose,  who recently published the novel Trapped in the Middle. Melabeu began competing in August, 2012 and has fallen in love with the bikini bodybuilding sport. During her teenage years she won the Miss New Jersey Perfect Teen Pageant and has grown in the performing arts, professionally.  She is very passionate about health and fitness and when her friend and … read more

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