She Rocks! Dr. Karen Ann King-Aribisala, Award Winning Novelist/Writer

Dr. Karen Ann King-Aribisala is a Guyanese-born novelist and short story writer who was raised in Nigeria. She is the daughter of the late Dr Kenneth, the former Minister of Economic Development, and Guyana’s Ambassador to the European Union, and  Joyce Miller King. Dr. King-Aribisala  left Guyana as a young child, moving with her parents to Nigeria.   She received an international education in Guyana, Barbados, Italy and at the London Academy for the Dramatic Arts in England. It was while studying … read more

She Rocks! Grace Aneiza Ali – Founder | Editorial Director, Of Note Magazine

Grace Aneiza Ali is the founder and editor of, an online magazine that celebrates people of color in the arts. She was born in Guyana and moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Having grown up surrounded by a culture of illiteracy among women, she is committed to the work of educating girls in developing nations. Grace launched Of Note in 2009 as a platform to honor “artists whose work values compassion, inspires us, speaks truth to … read more

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