Stories We Love: Scholar with Guyanese roots is making waves in Ontario

Dr Dionne Patricia Duncan, whose parents, Hector and Util Duncan, are both Guyanese, recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health Policy Management and Informatics. According to Dr Duncan, her Guyanese parents taught her from an early age that education was more than reading, writing and arithmetic. “It is one of the most important investments a country can make of its people and its future and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality.” … read more

Stories We Love! Valencia Dual-Enrollment Graduate, Cindy Rajkuma, Has Her Sights Set on Medical School

Cindy Rajkuma, a dual-enrollment student who graduated from Valencia College and Ocoee High School in Orlando, is determined to get into medical school. “Becoming a doctor has always been my career path,” says Cindy, who will begin classes at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in January 2016, right after she completes an internship in Washington, D.C., with the National Institutes of Health. She doesn’t have to worry about paying for college because Cindy has been named a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar, … read more

She Rocks! Karen Gibson – Award Winning Gospel Choir Conductor

Karen Gibson, a full time choir conductor and workshop leader, is a powerhouse of inspiration and energy. One of the UK’s most noted and experienced gospel tutors and facilitator, Karen has been involved with various orchestras, bands, vocal groups, worship teams and choirs for over 25 years.  She  has conducted gospel workshops all over the UK, Europe, Africa and USA and was recently nominated in the categories of Best Contribution to Gospel Music for the GMA’s and the music category of the … read more