Happy Labour Day Guyana!

Labour Day is celebrated on the First of May every year in Guyana. It is an international observance that commemorates the struggles of workers and their significant input into society. Labour Day originated in 1889 in Paris, where the first congress of the Second Socialists International meeting decided to celebrate, on an international scale, a Worker’s Day. The First celebration of Labour Day in then, British Guiana was during the 1930’s. It was organized by the British Guiana Labour Union. … read more

Celebrating Guyana: Happy Emancipation (Freedom) Day!!

  HISTORY:  Emancipation Day is celebrated in Guyana on August 1. Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, as it was earlier called, marks the abolition of slavery in 1834. The end of the abolitionism brought about a new phase in Guyana; the villages started getting established, there was a struggle of the trade union movement and the opening of the hinterland through the pork knockers. Thus, there was an opening for civil services and artesian shops. Freedom Day kicked off indentured … read more

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