Women in History: Amy Barbour-James, An Early Civil Rights Activist

 Amy Barbour-James  (named Caroline Amy Aileen Barbour-James) was a London-born Guyanese civil rights activist and civil servant. Barbour-James was born in London on 25 January 1906 to Guyanese parents, John and Caroline Barbour-James. They were a middle-class family who lived in west London in the early 20th century. Amy’s father, John Barbour-James, was a postmaster in Victoria-Belfield, in Guiana and was transferred to a post office off the Gold Coast (now: Ghana) in 1902. The family later relocated to London in 1905. John Barbour-James became an activist who … read more

Women in History: First Women Elected the British Guiana Legislature

Three women, Janet Jagan, Jane Phillips Gay and Jessica Burnham, were the first females elected as Members of British Guiana Parliament in May 1953 after  the first universal adult suffrage elections were held in the same year. Former first lady Janet Jagan became the first female Deputy Speaker of the Legislature in 1953; the first female Prime Minister in March 1997 and the first female President of Guyana in December 1997.  Jane Phillips-Gay was a trade unionist and an ordained … read more

Women in History: Amy Elizabeth Imrie, Roman Catholic Nun & Wealthy British Heiress

Amy Elizabeth Imrie (4 Oct 1870 – 4 Apr 1944), Born Pollard, was a British heiress and one of the wealthiest women in Britain who, at the age of 37, became a Roman Catholic Nun, Sister Mary Clare and, subsequently, Mother Superior of the Order of Poor Clares. She was born as Amy Elizabeth Rosalie Pollard in British Guiana to William Branch Pollard and his first wife, Elizabeth Anne (née Blackley). After the death of her mother, at aged 1, … read more

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