Stories We Love: Latoya Roberts went from being a Farmer to a Lawyer

I always had childhood dreams of ensuring that I make a difference in the world; that a day would come when I would be able to do better for my family. And it became clear that law was the answer…like doctors, lawyers have the ability to shape lives, to change lives, to save lives. They bring life to society through various procedures which they use to secure justice.” ~ Latoya Andrea Roberts.

From being a ‘farmer girl’ to passionate lawyer…Guyana’s best graduating Hugh Wooding Law School student, Latoya Roberts, shares her story

By: Kiana Wilburg Before she was even a teen, Latoya Andrea Roberts always knew that whatever career path she was going to take, it must lead her to achieving a most profound life goal-making a difference in the world. However, coming from a poor background, the realization of this dream seemed in her younger days, a mere illusion.

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