She Rocks! Meet Denise Henley, Award Winning Portrait Artist

denise-henleyBorn in Guyana, South America, Denise Henley first realized her artistic passion at the tender age of eight. She spent much of her young life immersed in drawing. As an adolescent, she moved to the United States to study art and after obtaining  a B.A in Visual Arts, went on to pursue a career as an artist.

While she works in several mediums and subject-matters, Denise passion lies in capturing the beauty of the human figure. A constituent of realism, she continuously strives to perfect her drawing skills, believing it to be the backbone of the portrait process. However, her creations range in style from photo realism to a more painterly depiction, often times opting for a palette knife instead of a paint brush; after-all, why do anything so boring as the literal details. The very greatest painting isn’t bound by time or taste, a reminder, if ever we should need it, that eloquence doesn’t always come with a pretty face. Although most of her work has been commissioned, she has been featured in a number of exhibitions which earned her both recognition and awards. Her portraits hang in private homes throughout the United States and abroad.

Denise Henley Portrait artist;

Denise Henley Portrait artist

A resident of Colorado and U.S Citizen, Denise is intoxicated with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains – it feeds her artistic spirit. She has been married over twenty nine years and has two beautiful daughters who are not only fans of Mom’s work but often the inspiration of her paintings.

Denise continues to evolve as an artist, ever hungry for the astounding beauty of nature and passionate about portraying it. “Art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” – Michelangelo

Artist Statement:
I consider art a gift, the marriage of craft and imagination to create an aesthetic that should be shared and enjoyed. I have always found the human figure to be the most intriguing and beautiful of subject matters and perhaps one of the most challenging – somewhat of a still-life with an opinion. My compositions are often designed to evoke quiet contemplation and an appreciation for simplicity.  It is my hope to share with others the human figure as I see it – Simply Beautiful“. ~ Denise Henley

Portrait art by Denise Henley

Portrait art by Denise Henley

Portrait art by Denise Henley

Portrait art by Denise Henley

Visit and to follow Denise’s work and to view more of her paintings.

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