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She Rocks! Claire Ann Goring, Graphic Design Artist, Cultural Promoter, Entrepreneur

Claire Ann GoringThere’s nothing better than finding the perfect greeting card  and Claire Ann Goring will add that personal touch to your message.  A multitalented graphic artist and the CEO Hybiskus Creations, Claire has developed her own line of handmade greeting, invitations and inspirational cards. Born and raised in Victoria Village, Guyana, the Bishop’s High School alumni works out of her studio in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York.

“I am inspired to create the most exquisite and exciting invitations and greeting cards with beautiful embellishments and accessories for your every occasion” Claire share on the her website “Each creation is a pleasure to open and an unforgettable keepsake for your recipient.”

Claire’s creative talent can also be seen in magazine productions, brochures, newspapers and in marketing campaigns.  Also a well-known costume designer,  Claire has received many accolades for her designs in Guyana and at the Labor Day Carnival in Brooklyn.  She was also honored for her commitment and service to her community most notable by the NY City Council, Brooklyn Borough President, the Allied Organization, the Caribbean Community and the Guyana Day Committee.

Claire’s  talent and commitment to promoting and preserving the culture of her homeland has been the inspiration for many of the projects she has undertaken. As the Cultural Director of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Claire is the driving force behind the immensely popular Kwe-Kwe Night and the Guyana Folk Festival/Family Fun Day held during the Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn.  She has also produced many shows and cultural events with talent from Guyana and around the Caribbean.

Claire is also President of Friends of Victoria Village Diaspora, an organization dedicated to the redevelopment of Victoria Village, the first village bought by freed slaves after emancipation in Guyana.
Claire feels it is her mission to teach young men and women that their foreparents were conscious, organized and deliberate agents in the transformation of themselves and their future.
Count your Blessing card designed by Claire

Count your Blessing card designed by Claire

Inspiration card designed by Claire

Inspiration card designed by Claire

Give Thanks card designed by Claire

Give Thanks card designed by Claire



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