Real Talk: Pepperpot in the Park!

Do you think that serving pepperpot or garlic pork at different times of the year or at events other than Christmas celebration is  taking away from the Guyanese Christmas tradition?  Please don’t respond with “it’s my food and I can serve it whenever I want”. Let’s just have a discussion.

I was recently invited to an all day picnic in the park here in New York and pepperpot was on the menu; then there was the brunch last weekend where garlic pork was served.  Another occasion was at a baby christening that I attended and  pepperpot was at the after party.  Now don’t get me wrong because I too am guilty of this practice.  When my son was home on vacation in June I made him pepperpot.

Traditionally we like to wake up to the aromas of pepperpot and garlic pork on a Christmas morning, but if we can enjoy the same smells at any given time during the year, is the feeling still the same at Christmas?  Also, is this just the practice of overseas-based Guyanese or we breaking this tradition at home as well?



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