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Nurse, Zorena Jagnandan, establishes Home Health Care Business in Guyana

Zorena Jagnandan, who is Guyanese, and her staff offer many different medical and nonmedical services — wound care, occupational and physical therapy, nursing care, post-surgical care, speech therapy, medical social worker, shopping and errands, cooking and meal planning, help for new and expectant parents, light cleaning, help with paperwork, assistance to outside medical appointments, laundry, help with bathing and companionship.

Jagnandan’s background in nursing and her experience in different nursing settings is what helped her decide to open her own home health care business. She wanted to offer something to the area for people who couldn’t afford to go into a nursing home or assisted living, or was independent enough to stay in their homes with some assistance.


Nurse establishes home health care business

Helping others is something Zorena Jagnandan has always wanted to do. After becoming a nurse and working in geriatrics, she realized she could be an even greater help to homebound people if she opened her own business. That’s how Angel Hands Home Health in Tannersville began.”We opened in the area in February.

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2 comment on “Nurse, Zorena Jagnandan, establishes Home Health Care Business in Guyana

  1. Zorena Inshan-Jagnandan

    Zorena Inshan-Jagnandan Reply

    I did not even know I was on here until today when Venessa Deosaran-Low A Chee told me. Thank for sharing.

    1. StaffCloyette HS Reply

      You’re welcome Zorena. One of the fans sent us a link of your story. Best wishes for your continued success.

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