My alter Ego (Piece for Men Vs Women) Upscale by Ruqayyah Boyer

I’m a lady I try to speak softly when I talk

You Can’t Keep a Good Sistah Down!

I respect myself I have a little grace with my walkI try to be kind to others

I try to use those things I was thought

I like to be comforted and I appreciate the gifts I’m bought

You see I like long conversations but I don’t really like telling tales

I want the protection of my man cas I don’t really like breaking nails

See I’m a lady but I’m starting to think that you don’t really know that

Because for some strange reason you got us twisted!

See I don’t tolerate disrespect and I know how to break a neck

And I’d rather that u pay but I know how to write a cheque

And don’t let my small frame fool you I would fight to my death

because I fear Allah alone and only he can take my  breath and stop the beating in my chest to give me cardiac arrest soooo

if you were part of my grade you‘d be the free question on the test

and I wouldn’t have to study you

I could get it right if I took a guess

And u might even believe that u’re the best of the best

But the truth of the matter is that all you’re spitting is that mess

See I understand that you’re stronger but that doesn’t mean that I’m weak

My brain is riding on a full tank and u’re riding on a slow leap

Brother you can never reach my level but lemme give u a sneak peak

Let u taste the little fruit tree so you could go home and let your family tell you that your breath smells like defeat

See I’m a lady…please don’t get us confused with the rest of them

cas we could get down with the best of them

and we don’t even mind testing them

and I’ll remind you just in case you forgot that you’ll never ever take our spot

cas we are  ladies even when you think that we’re not

and this is why this is why this is why we’re  hot!!!


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