Michelle Kandasammy, Director/Co-Founder – The Backpack Project

Michelle Kandasammy, Co-Founder - The Backpack Project

Michelle Kandasammy, Co-Founder – The Backpack Project

Meet Michelle Kandasammy, Co-Founder  of  The Backpack Project, a non-profit initiative aimed at promoting health and education among Caribbean students between the ages of 5 to 18. This project, which was started in December 2008, assists students of impoverished families to pursue their educational goals.

A born and bred Guyanese who wears Guyana’s flag and rich heritage proudly, Michelle attended two of the best schools in the country, Stella Maris Primary School and Queen’s College. She balanced her stellar academic performance with a top ranking tennis career, music and ballet with the full support and encouragement of her parents.

After high school, Michelle migrated to Trinidad and Tobago. She graduated with an Ontario High School Diploma (A average) from Maple Leaf International School and furthered her studies at Roytec with a Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Finance and Marketing (First Division) – University of New Brunswick.

To date her charitable work consists of volunteering for the T&T Cancer Society and being elected as an Executive Member of her company’s Staff Charitable Foundation.

The Backpack Project

Completed Backpacks

Completed Backpacks

The Backpack Project believes that education is a basic human right, not a privilege, and that health is a key factor determining the success of a child’s development. The organization will encourage the pursuit of formal education amongst underprivileged children in the Caribbean by providing basic school supplies and will foster a healthy learning environment by providing personal supplies to backpack recipients. The Backpack Project hopes to leverage the resources of its sponsors, donors, volunteers and other stakeholders in a collaborative manner to further its objective of universal childhood education in the Caribbean.

Collection Drive

Collection Drive

Pre-packaged backpacks containing school and personal supplies are sent confidentially to students, to provide them with the educational resources they need such as books and stationery, as well as items to assist with personal hygiene.

We are an organization that provides the resources to allow students to pursue higher learning. It is through this initiative that we intend to keep children’s dreams alive by providing them with a basic education so that they may break their family’s cycle of poverty.

Students are identified by Caribbean educators who notify the organization of their needs. Backpacks are then assembled and sent to the students. Upon receipt of the backpacks, the students notify the Backpack Project Team, and maintain regular correspondence with us regarding their educational progress.

“I believe that it was faith that led Melissa (BPP co-founder) and I to begin our discussions and eventual conviction to start up The Backpack Project, Michelle shared. Together, hopefully we can help numerous children across the Caribbean to achieve basic formal education and create dynamic Caribbean leaders of tomorrow.”

To learn more about The Backpack Project, or to donate or volunteer your time to this amazing initiative, visit the website:  http://backpackproject.ca/

Follow The Backpack Project: https://www.facebook.com/TheBackpackProject

A BACKPACK consists of –


Pencil case
Pencil Crayons
Crayons (Wax)
Exercise books/Notebooks
Scientific Calculator (high school students)
Geometry Sets (high school students)

Personal Items:

Face cloths/rags

AND Backpacks/School Bags/Book bags (of course!)

Backpack distribution, Tutorial High School, Guyana

Backpack distribution, Tutorial High School, Guyana

Michelle Kandasammy presents  BPP inductee certificates to Queen's College Headmistress, Mrs. Hollingsworth - in Guyana.

Michelle Kandasammy presents BPP inductee certificates to Queen’s College Headmistress, Mrs. Hollingsworth – in Guyana.



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