GGR Book Club: Turtle News from the Thatch Patch by Miss Elke Noell Thatch and Dr Thatch

Turtle News from the Thatch Patch is a true story of how, as a family, we use the animals we see in our backyard to teach and learn. Our backyard is a wonderland for teaching and learning across the K-12 curriculum. On any given day, there are turtles, armadillos, foxes, many different kinds of birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, many different kinds of frogs…scampering around in our yard in Valparaiso, Florida. So, we have started naming and writing about them! Science is Live in the Thatch household! Come read about them…

Elke and Dr ThatchElke Noell and Dr. Thatch are a mother and daughter team of Science writers in training. We live in Valparaiso, Florida near Boggy Bayou, which is in Northwest Florida in the panhandle. Together we developed the idea of a Summer or Science 2010 and enjoyed our adventures of pet ownership so much that we continued in doing Science throughout the year. Then we ventured into a Summer of Science Writing 2012 and created a Google+ page titled Science Adventures with ElKe and Dr. Thatch. Now, we are ready to formally write and publish the books about our pets and other animals native to the Northwest Florida area.

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