Feeding the Soul: Restaurateur Doris Rodney, Owner of “The Hills Restaurant” & “The Hills Lounge”

Restaurateur, Doris Rodney

Restaurateur, Doris Rodney

Born in Georgetown, Guyana on March 23, 1963, Restaurateur Doris Rodney is a woman living out her dreams.  Not growing up with a silver spoon upbringing, Doris knew from a very young age that she wanted much more than life had to offer her at that time, so she set out to find ways of providing a better future for herself and her family.

Doris loves to cook and soon realized that the key to making people happy is good food.  She started out by making a note of all incoming flights to Guyana, and would cook large quantities of food then position herself on the pavement directly in front of the airport and waited for passengers to exit. Within moments, her food was always sold out!

After moving to the United States , in addition to full time jobs, Doris continued to cook on the weekends and invite people to her home to buy food. That too was a hit! Doris worked very hard for almost twenty years and after experiencing sweat, tears, and tremendous adversities, her lifelong dream of owning a restaurant became reality!

In 2010, Doris opened the doors to her first establishment, “The Hills Restaurant” which specializes in Caribbean Cuisines with a Guyanese Twist.  Located in Brooklyn, New York  “The Hills Restaurant”  offers eat-in, take out and catering services serving up dishes like curried king crab legs with potatoes with fluffy white rice, among many other delicious delicacies.

The success of the restaurant and Doris’ passion for the business has led to launching of a second establishment “The Hills Lounge.” An extension of the restaurant,  this new lounge  is scheduled to open it’s doors on Saturday March 23, 2013 and will commensurate with a milestone event in Doris’ life – her 50th Birthday!

Doris also has a very giving spirit and believes in the importance “paying it forward” to her community.  Some of her philanthropic efforts include organizing and hosting many “give-back” events such as her annual Father’s Day “Recognition of Fathers In Our Community” Family Fun Day in the park, her annual “Thank You To Our Supporters” Bash where customers and supporters are acknowledged and her annual “Santa 4 The Kidz” Christmas party where toys are given to children 2-12 years old and the entire family can eat, drink and dance together.

One of Doris’ favorite quotes is “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” by Virginia Woolf.   “I am extremely appreciative for my loyal customers and everyone who supports my reality that was once a dream. My mission is to keep on growing and continuing to provide you with great food, a sense of community and love”  she shared.

Doris’ drive, determination, and innovative spirit are what contributed to her success in the restaurant business, and today she celebrates that success with her two loving children Nola & Shaquille Rodney.

To check out “The Hills Restaurant” or to be a guest at the launching of the “The Hills Lounge” visit the business websites for more information:




Curried king crab legs with potatoes, served on fluffy white rice

Curried king crab legs with potatoes, served on fluffy white rice


Father's Day Family Fun Day

Father’s Day Family Fun Day

Kids Christmas Party 2012

Kids Christmas Party 2012


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