Entrepreneur on the Move: Shauntelle Nelson, Founder & CEO – We Telle You

We Telle You  CEO Shauntelle Nelson

We Telle You CEO Shauntelle Nelson

GG Shauntelle Nelson is the Founder and CEO for We Telle You, a designated driver business serving the New York Metro area.  Shauntelle has always been a visionary and an innovator and established this company in response to the tragedies, wrong doings and, especially the fatalities caused by drunk driving over the years. She was astounded by the amount of people who ignore the boundary between right and wrong, so with that she wanted to honor the law and provide a service to enforce those guidelines. She has worked tirelessly to introduce to the world her purpose and goal to put an end to this negative practice.

In 2012 Shauntelle launched “We Telle You”  offering customers  safe door to door service to and from their social events. It’s  a smart and easy ways to get you to your destination without worrying about expensive cab fare, leaving your car unattended, using other services.

“We Telle You” thrive on the convenience and safety of socialites 21 and up by affording their clients membership advantages towards pick up and drop off services.  Their mission is to lessen the amount of drunk drivers, fatalities, and overall risks, that take place every year. This social contribution is the future of anti-drunk driving.

We Telle You

We Telle You

We Telle You offers its members the choice a weekly, monthly, yearly, occasional and corporate packages.  Visit www.wetelleyou.org  to book this service or call (516) 256-9073.

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