A Women of Self-Respect…….

A woman has the potential of having self-respect and dignity if she can learn to see herself from heaven’s point of  view.  She has a healthy and realistic opinion of herself and believes she can do anything God enables her to do.

Self Respecting Woman

Self Respecting Woman

What does a Women of Self-Respect Look Like?

· She has an outgoing concern for others.
· She has a love for God and love towards her neighbors.
· She is selfless and finds joy in all she does for others.
· She is courageous, inspiring, focused and yet very humble.
· She outwardly shows love and respect to others.
· Her body is God’s temple and she cares for it.  She knows that the Spirit of God dwells within her.
· She never gives into self-loathing.  She respects herself because in doing so, she is respecting the God who created her.
· She knows she is clay in the hands of God.
· She will captivate you because she is set apart from the rest.
· She is not concerned with popularity contest.  Only pleasing God is her concern.
· She knows no one person can give her self-worth, but she knows many will try to rob her of it.
· She seeks forgiveness for her wrongs.
· Her joy and contentment come from her outreach to help others.

Source:  www.womenupliftingwomen.com.

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