The GGR Young Ladies Leadership Program (YLLP) is dedicated to empowering young women to become the next generation of female leaders.

The program is designed to help girls to develop confidence by exposing girls to accomplished female achievers in powerful positions of leadership from diverse career paths.

“It’s important for girls to a have early exposure to women in positions of power  positive and supportive environment.”

YLL Program

The Young Ladies Leadership Program will offer girls between the ages of 14-18 from diverse backgrounds an interactive and participatory approach to developing their leadership skills.  Girls will develop self-confidence, increase self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and learn leadership and networking skills while building relationships with other amazing girls.

YLLP Meeting Tours

This quarterly meet-up will provide opportunities for the girls to engage in activities outside of a normal classroom environment.

The Program will….

·      Facilitate outings to places of interest, e.g. museum, historic sites.

·      Facilitate tours to corporation and businesses to promote career exploration.

·      Encourage dialogue and provide exposure to influential and leading professional women from a variety of sectors.

·      Promote healthy dialect and open discussions during dining, encouraging honest conversations about various issues affecting the girls e.g. bullying, beauty, self-identity, etc.

·      Engage in continuous conversations around self-awareness and self-improvement and continuous mentorship.  Young women will be pair with Youth Ambassadors of their peers.

·      Facilitate conversations on college at all grade levels identifying college majors and selection criteria.

Applications for the inaugural group of YLL leaders. To apply click here.

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