Stories We Love: When Life Knocks You Down, Get Up and Make Milkshake!

When life knocks you down, get up and make milkshake!   That’s the moral of the story for 10 innovative and resourceful women from the Essequibo Coast in Guyana. When business slowed down for these clothing vendor, they decided to form a group called “WDs Dairies” and came up with the idea to purchase 10 gallons of milk every week and use their expertise to produce milk shakes.  The shakes come in four flavours: Strawberry, Peanut Punch, Whole Milk and Chocolate.  Check out their story.  They Rock! 

SEEING OPPORTUNITIES IN CHALLENGES -Charity women stallholders turn to milk to stay in business

THE slowdown in business on the Essequibo Coast has left many fuming and fretting, but 10 women who formed themselves into a group called “WDs Dairies” have seen a great opportunity amidst the challenge.The women, are stallholders, have realised that quitting business would not be their best option; and after much brainstorming, have decided that involvement in milk might be the trick to keep them in business.

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