Happy International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day women are recognized for their achievements without regard to social status.  It’s an opportunity look back to the struggles and accomplishments of women, and look ahead to the potential of the future generations of young female achievers. Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to society and have helped to build nations.  In honor of Women’s History Month,  GGR will feature some of the dynamic Guyanese women who have made history, and those who have made monumental, although often unacknowledged … read more

A Piece of History: Private Diana Williams – Army Vehicle Maintenance Worker in British Guiana

This poster image was taken from the Imperial War Museums website and, according to the site, it shows a female worker from British Guiana working for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. The poster is of Private Diana Williams, a recruit from British Guiana. According to the poster, part of Diana’s work consisted of helping with the maintenance of army vehicles. Here she is seen beginning the job of retreading a tyre in the corner of a repair depot in the Midlands. … read more

She Rocks! Meet Malika Booker, Writer, Spoken Word and Multidisciplinary Artist

Malika Booker is UK-based a writer, spoken word and multidisciplinary artist of Guyanese and Grenadian heritage.  Her work spans literature, education, and cross-arts. My mother is from Grenada and my father is Guyanese and I spent my early childhood in Guyana before moving back to the UK. This dual heritage as well as growing up in both Guyana and London has played a big role on my writing. Malika has appeared worldwide both independently and with the British Council. She was one … read more

Introducing a Rising Star from Guyana – Meet future Geologist/Geochemist Nikita La Cruz!

What Nikita La Cruz learned at Gettysburg College —and how it could impact Guyana Guyana is the third-smallest independent state on the mainland of South America. About 83 percent of the country is covered by tropical rain forests, and there is an abundance of gold, minerals and precious stones—but many of those resources potentially remain untapped. This is one of the reasons why Gettysburg graduate ’13 Nikita La Cruz, who is originally from Guyana, is pursuing a career as an … read more

She Rocks! Meet Aminta Kilawan Narine: Attorney, Community Activist & Newspaper Columnist

Aminta Kilawan Narine is an attorney, community activist, and writer. Born in the Bronx, New York to Guyanese parents, Aminta’s passion for social justice manifests in various aspects of her life. Aminta writes a weekly column for The West Indian newspaper titled, “Civics, Culture, and Community Engagement” in efforts to increase involvement and stewardship in areas such as politics and volunteerism. Aminta uses her voice for multifold purposes: she is a spirited bhajan singer but is also a vocal advocate … read more