She Rocks! Meet Nadia Thomas Winter – Visual Arts Educator & Talented Fashion Designer

Nadia Thomas Winter has spent most of her adult life focusing on the Arts, Fashion, and Education. As a child, she was influenced by her uncle, who is a self-taught artist. Her mother was born and raised alongside the banks of the Berbice River (Haraculi). The fact that she came from a generation of self-taught seamstresses was a major influence in her becoming a designer. Nadia spent her early days at her grandmother’s house (Haraculi and Ebini Ranch) Berbice River. … read more

She Rocks! Meet Dr. Hollis France, Author and Global Politics Professor

Dr. Hollis France is an Associate Professor at the College of Charlestown, in South Carolina.  She was born in Guyana but migrated to the US more than 25 years ago.  Dr. France teaches her students the ins and outs of global politics and economics. Dr. France joined the Political Science Department at CofC in 2000. She teaches courses primarily in the fields of International and Comparative Politics, including International Political Economy, Politics of Globalization, Globalization from a Community Perspective, Comparative Gender Politics, and World … read more

She Rock! Celebrating English Teacher, Shareesa Bollers, on World Teachers Day

Shareesa Bollers is a proud Guyanese-American. She was born and raised in Guyana, and attended high school in Philadelphia. She is a Gates Millennium Scholar and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature & Theatre and Masters of Arts in Teaching English from Bard College.  English Teacher Shareesa Bollers  Sharessa developed a passion for teaching at age 12 after she opened her own summer school in her village and realized the severity of the education gap in students who attend schools in … read more